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    Minecon? :P almost 9 years ago

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    Nothing. Kids should not go to Vegas. There is cigarette smoke EVERYWHERE. Gambling, drinking, advertisement for sex and hookers, photos of escorts, etc. It is NOT a place for kids.

    20 years ago Vegas tried to become "Kid Friendly", but the experiment failed miserably. Vegas is no longer (and never really was) meant for kids.

    I go there for about 3 months every year, I see families who bring their kids. The kids looked shocked, confused, tired, bored, and not having fun. Neither do the parents. Vegas + Kids = Bad idea. almost 9 years ago

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    What Andrew said almost 9 years ago

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    I have a 3-y-old and we went to many places during the day. Check this out: http://www.vegas.com/attractions/kids.html or this http://gocitykids.parentsconnect.com/region/las-vegas-nv-usa
    As you see there are ton of activities what you can do and not for babies :)
    So no worries.
    Some people find good activities, some people do not pay enough attention to it. almost 9 years ago

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