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Should I bring it all in cash, or international wire transfer once I've got a bank account in Australia? I'm heading there on a one-year working holiday visa. I am absolutely lost on this subject and would love some input from people who have done it before!

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    Bring some in cash, but do the majority in bank transfers. Check with your bank at home for what information they'll need and how long it takes. Not all bank accounts are set up for international transfers so it is essential you talk to your bank before you leave. over 6 years ago

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    All of the major banks allow you to open a bank account ahead of your arrival, so the funds will be ready and waiting for you. You just need to go into a branch to complete the identification process.
    The major banks are ANZ, NAB (National Australia Bank), Commonwealth Bank and Westpac.
    Or, ATM's (cash machines) in Australia are linked to the major international networks, so you can use your US card to withdraw Aussie dollars - but watch out for bank fees at both ends.
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