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Stuart Falk

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    Heading to Santa Monica, CA soon. What great restaurants are in the area?

    Depends, of course, on what you like, but I can highly recommend La Cachette Bistro. Here's a link to their Web site: almost 9 years ago

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    Any recommendations for midrange accommodation in LA?

    A lot depends on what area of Los Angeles you wish to use as a base. Do you want to be close to the ocean (though it's too cool for swimming this time of year)? If so, I'd suggest exploring hotels in Santa Monica (if you are comfortable with bidding on Priceline, that might have the best price opportunities - go to first to psych out the hotels), otherwise check prices on Kayak and other search engine consolidators). Or, perhaps you'd prefer to be in Hollywood. There are a number of "moderate" choices. over 9 years ago

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    What is the best way to travel from San Fran to LA?

    I would rent a car and drive down the coast road, U.S. 1, stopping along the way at Big Sur (possible overnight) and, further south, touring the Hearst Castle. You can do it in two days, but I prefer to take my time and plan on two overnights. The views of the coast are great and it gives you an excellent perspective on the changing topography between northern and southern California.. over 9 years ago

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    Best barbecue food in California?

    In the hear of West Hollywood, I'd highly recommend Baby Blues on Santa Monica Blvd just west of Fairfax Ave. Here's a link to their Web site: over 10 years ago